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Posted by Wah Nam Martial Arts 華南國術學院 on Saturday, 23 December 2017

Brett Adlard

Prabhav Bandekar 2nd performance. Double head pole form. Many practitioners talk about kung fu but rarely if ever are willing to put themselves out there on show for the world to see. It takes lots of courage to walk the talk and this young man did what many will never do. He represented his family, Jow Gar kung fu, and his school.
Very proud. Well done.

Brett Adlard

This is my student Prabhav Bandekar from India. He is learning Jow Gar via video correspondence from me for the last few months. An opportunity come up for him to perform, Prabhav jumped at the opportunity. This was his first ever public demonstration. I am extremely proud of him and his efforts. This is Young Tiger Form.🙏🐺

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Posted by Wah Nam Martial Arts 華南國術學院 on Thursday, 21 December 2017