Is the school of Xi Jiang Bai Mei or its books still around?

The Xi Jiang Bai Mei school of Sifu Huang/Wong is now closed. All of his books that Sifu Andy Truong helped edit are all sold. You may still contact Sifu Andy Truong and enquire if anyone of his contacts are willing to sell their copy.

I urgently need to contact Wah Nam and can’t find a Sifu or Instructor to help!

Andy Truong, Brett Adlard and Nathan Head are active users of the facebook group.

Daniel Pedemont will answer urgent enquires via mobile on +61 419 964 878, ONLY calls that have sent a message via SMS first will be acknowledged.

Does anyone under Wah Nam offer a correspondence course?

Nathan Head, Brett Adlard and Daniel Pedemont are technically minded enough to send and receive video over internet. However it does not imply that they will just because you asked, the same considerations apply as if asking Sifu Andy Truong.

Does Sifu Andy Troung still offer a correspondence course?

Short Answer: No

Long Answer:
Wah Nam has been online since 1998 and was the forerunner for releasing form and power generation demonstrations publicly over the internet since 2001. Forms and power generation demonstrations are finally (and thankfully) all over the web in present day society. Long gone are the days of posting physical media via air mail anonymously.

However, with that being said you are still welcome to try your luck by asking. Sifu Andy Truong is friend and teacher to many, local and abroad. If you fall into either category of friend or student, then this would still be considered a polite question to ask. If you are neither friend nor student, then it would be considered impolite to ask this question.

I was just wondering your location and also cost for the lessons?

Almost all the Sifus or Instructors are located from within Sydney and reach to the Central Coast of NSW, Australia.

As for costs you will have to ask the relevant Sifu or Instructor of choice.

What times do you do your classes?

You will have ask the relevant Sifu or Instructor for the style of your choice.

Sifu Andy Truong is currently only teaching privately. You may be “lucky” to find him visiting one of his Sifus schools, especially during grading sessions.

Are you still teaching classes?

Short Answer: Yes, we may be hard to find but we have never stopped.

Long Answer;
There are currently THREE public head branches run with permission from Andy Truong that are teaching Jow Gar.

Other Sifus/Instructors of styles listed here have permission from Andy Truong to teach privately.

  • Lung Ying
    • Norman Lee
  • Pak Mei
    • Daniel Pedemont
    • Norman Lee


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