History of Pak Mei


Pak Mei (Bai Mei, White Eyebrow) kung fu originated in mount Ngor Mei, China, in the 1700s. It was developed by a Monk with long silver eyebrows (Pak Mei). Pak Mei kung fu is based on the Shaolin Tiger system. Pak Mei kung fu was introduced to the public by a man named Cheung Lai-Chun. Great Grand Master Cheung Lai-Chun was born in the Ching dynasty (1880). At the age of seven, he began his training with Sifu Lam. He was taught Gypsy style. Later Master Cheung became a student of Sifu Lee Mung, the son of the famous Sifu Lee Yee. He later went with his uncle to the Wah Sao Temple and became the student of Grand Master Lam A Hap learning for several years Lung Ying (Loong Ying, Dragon Style) kung fu. Great Grand Master Cheung Lai-Chun had also practiced with Master Lam Yui Kwai who was the Grand Master of Lung Ying kung fu. At a later stage Master Cheung went to Canton with Master Lam to try their luck.

Every morning Master Cheung went to a tea house and had breakfast. One morning he happened to notice a Monk sitting there alone. After several days, Master Cheung had decided to go and sit at the Monks table and after a while they became friends. One day, on the birthday of a certain God, Master Cheung invited the Monk for dinner. As they were drinking and eating, Master Cheung decided to try and engage the Monk in a conversation about kung fu. Each time he tried, the Monk said nothing. Finally, Master Cheung stood up and demonstrated a certain set. The Monk then demonstrated a few movements from Pak Mei. Master Cheung criticized his performance. Master Cheung then asked the Monk for a little contest. As he attacked, the Monk used a technique he had earlier shown and pushed Master Cheung causing him to fall back into a goldfish tank. Master Cheung was so impressed he asked to be the Monks student, however the Monk said no. Master Cheung did not bring up the subject anymore. He and the Monk kept going to meals together and eventually he found out that the Monks Sifu’s name was Chuk Fat Wan and his favorite food was eggs.

One day Master Cheung had bought two baskets of eggs and followed the Monk Lin Sang to the temple. This had irritated the young Monk, and upon meeting Chuk Fat Wan, the old master was also angry. Master Cheung explained how he was looking for a real martial art and that he sincerely wanted to become his disciple. He was refused. Master Chuk Fat Wan said that he would leave Canton and move to another place, Master Cheung replied by saying that he would follow him. Finally, after being accepted, he sold some properties and followed Sifu Chuk Fat Wan.

Three years later, the old Sifu had taught him “Kou Po Teaw set”, “Eighteen Deflect with Palm Set”, “Fierce Tiger Come Out From The Forest Set”, “Double Flying Phoenix Knife”, “Tonfas”, and many other sets. After leaving, Master Cheung became the first man to introduce Pak Mei to Southern China. Master Chang passed away in the autumn of 1964 at the age of 84.

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Published on: 2002-07-15