Sifu Brett Adlard

Jow Gar Wah Nam Kung Fu

Lineage: Jow Gar (Shaolin Jow Gar)

Brett Adlard was born in Sydney in 1969, and lived in the inner city suburb of Glebe.

Brett had 3 older brothers that all excelled in sport. Throughout his early childhood he played Rugby League, Rugby Union, and Aussie Rules. It was during these years that he learnt the importance of fitness and Bodyweight Callisthenics to aid one’s health and chosen sport. It was also at this time that he was introduced to Weight lifting and Olympic type lifting by good friend and weight lifting competitor Mark Duckworth.

Upon reaching teenage years he turned his love of watching old Kung Fu movies into a physical reality by starting up his journey into the world of Martial Arts training.

Initially he trained at his local Police Boys Club in Boxing. This did not satisfy his urge to mimic the Kung Fu movies that he regularly viewed.

At this time he started training in freestyle Kung Fu method. It was an eclectic system that combined Boxing, Kick Boxing, Wing Chun, and Grappling. During this time he competed in full contact Kick Boxing and ground Fighting events. Brett also had his first informal meeting with Master Andy Truong from the Wah Nam Martial Arts Academy.

In 1993 Brett was married to Jodie Davis. Jodie is now actively involved in the day to day running of Bradjuti Central Coast Jow Gar. Brett’s children Jayden and Rebecca both train under Brett in Jow Gar.

In 1997 Dr Les Harnos of the Bunbu Ichi Neon Ju Jitsu graded him to 2nd Degree Black Belt. It was at this time that Brett started his freestyle martial Art. He named the style Iron Tiger as this represented the mindset of how the practitioner should think during combat.

Brett trained many students during this period including Dean Decortes Balague who won State and National titles in Kung Fu competition. During this period he pushed himself and his students to mimic and simulate the chaos of combat. There were many injuries during this period as many of the sparring sessions were done without gloves and in all environments. Although tenacious from a young age it was during this period that Brett acquired his tenacity and grit to keep pushing on through mental and physical barriers.

Brett still had a longing to learn from a Traditional Kung Fu Master. It was at this time that he made the hard decision to close down his School. Brett wanted the guidance and wisdom from an authentic kung Fu master.

In 2001 Brett contacted Master Andy Truong whom he had met in his early freestyle days. He asked Master Truong if he would accept him into his academy. Master Truong accepted Brett. Master Truong who has mastered the 3 styles of Pak Mei, Dragon, and Jow Gar told Brett he would be training in the Jow Gar 5 Animal Method.

Brett quickly realised that he had finally found a true Sifu that could guide and help him through his Martial Journey. In 2003 Brett under took the huge task of starting a Jow Gar Manual that would document all his personal learning from Master Truong. This task is still ongoing today.

In late 2003 under the encouragement of Master Truong Brett opened up a Jow Gar branch on the Central Coast. From humble beginnings Brett has built up a core group of students that train persistently to grasp the Jow Gar method. Brett teaches in a unique way in which he combines Martial and Fighting Art. He has tried to pass onto his students the traditional art of Jow Gar, as well as giving a realistic approach to Kung Fu fighting that cuts away non-realistic methods. Brett also tries to pass onto his students the benefits of the non-combat qualities that Kung Fu can bring to a persons life. These include health and fitness and living with a humble attitude.

Brett has participated in many demonstrations since. Brett regularly demonstrates at Chinese New Year celebrations. He is now concentrating on bringing through the next Jow Gar generation.

Brett is a 5th generation student under Master Andy Truong. Brett is one of only a few that are officially recognised by Master Truong as an indoor student.

Brett continues to actively train on a daily basis in the art of Jow Gar.