History of Lung Ying


Lung Ying (Loong Ying, Dragon Style Kung Fu) is as Southern system developed sometime in the 1800’s. According to history, it was developed by a Monk named Tai Yuk. Tai Yuk’s most famous pupil was a man named Lam Yiu Kwai. He is the man responsible for bringing Lung Ying to the public.Lam Yiu Kwai was born in Wai Yeung of Kwang Tung district in 1877. During an annual festival Lam Yui Kwai took several of his students to gather herbs and celebrate the festival in Mount Lau Fou. When they arrived at Wah Sao Toi, they had set up a stall to sell herbs and demonstrate their kung fu. When Lam Yui Kwai had finished the demonstration of the sixteen movements, the crowd had applauded. However there was this Monk who just stood there and smiled in a cynical way. Lam’s students had noticed this and became very angry. They approached the Monk to get an explanation for his behavior, and his answer was that their kung fu was attractive to watch only, however not practical.

Lam’s students could not contain their outrage anymore and attacked the Monk together. The Monk proved to be a very evasive target, just like the dragon frolicking in the sea. There was no way the students could get close to the Monk and when they did they were easily defeated. Lam knew there was little he could do after seeing this display of superior kung fu, and after making a quick decision knelt down and begged the Monk to teach him kung fu. The Monk was Tai Yuk.

After taking him to Wah Sao Toi temple, Tai Yuk agreed to take Lam Yui Kwai as his student on the grounds that he stay in the temple for a period of two years. Returning home Lam Yui Kwai told his father of what happened and the Monks offer. His father agreed to this and Lam returned to the temple for two years. Within the two years there Lam Yui Kwai learnt and mastered five sets of forms. They were “Dragon Arm Touching” (Lung Ying Mor Kiu), “Poisonous Snake Tongue Licking”, “Poisonous Snake Exhaling Air”, “Neutralizing the Extreme” and “Five Horses Returning to Stable”.

At the end of the two year period Tai Yuk encouraged Lam Yiu Kwai to return home and spread the kung fu he had learnt.

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Published on: 2002-07-15