History of Jow Gar


Jow Gar Kung Fu was founded by Chow Loong (1893-1924) of Sa Fu Village, Sun Wui county in the southern province of Kwang Tung. Chow Loong came from a family of farmers. Chow Loong was one of five brothers. There was Chow Loong, Chow Bui, Chow Hip, Chow Hoi and Chow Tin, all of whom had been training in the martial arts under the guidance of their uncle Chow Hung. After his uncle passed away, Chow Loong left Sa Fu Village and traveled to Siu Hing County and met Choy Kau of the Choy Gar Kung Fu style. From Choy Kau, he learnt and mastered the Choy Gar kung fu system. From these two styles evolved the Jow Gar kung fu system. Jow Gar was labeled as having the head of Hung, tail of Choy and the patterns of tiger and leopard.

After travelling to Kuala Lumpur, he had fatally wounded a robber Chow Loong ran and hid in the mountains. After several days of wandering, he happened upon a monastery where he sleeked and was given refuge. There he was taught and mastered Sui Lum kung Fu system. Upon leaving the monastery, he returned to Kuala Lumpur and went out seeking the help of the Kwag Tung Society who were able to raise enough money for his trip back home. Upon returning home, Chow Loong gathered his four brothers and took them to Canton, where he planned to establish a kung fu school. He taught his brothers what he had learnt and with their help formed the Jow Gar Kung Fu system. The brothers were respectively known as “The Five Tigers of Jow Gar”. They were a dominant force for nearly half a century.

In 1915 Chow Loong was appointed new drill instructor of the Canton based army. This marked the emergence of the Jow Gar Kung Fu system. In 1924, misfortune fell upon the Chow Gar master, and Chow Loong passed away at the young age of 31, due to his dedication to his work and the fact that he caught a cold, which would later prove to be fatal, as it turned into pneumonia.

His remaining four brothers set up an altar in his memory and proclaimed a six month mourning period in honor of their brother. They had then sworn in front of the altar to live up to their eldest brothers reputation and continue to establish and promote the Jow Gar Kung Fu system.

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