Sigung Andy Truong

The Founder of Wah Nam Kung Fu

Lineage: Pak Mei (White Eyebrow) : Lung Ying (Dragon Style) : Jow Gar (Shaolin Jow Gar)

Sifu Andy Truong began his training at a very young age under a few famous masters in Australia. His first training began under the guidance of Master Chau Xuan (Phu) in Pak Mei (White Eyebrow), followed by Master Ly Y Tuong and Ly Truong in Jow Gar (Shaolin Jow Gar) and then Master Robert Chan in Lung Ying (Dragon Style). Sifu Andy is recognized as a representative of all three styles in Australia under these masters above. However, Sifu Andy who has been training for many years improving his kung fu skills and knowledge, finally he has decided to pass on his knowledge by opening up the Wah Nam Kung Fu School by teaching these three southern kung fu styles to the public.

The Wah Nam Kung Fu School is the school designed for all serious martial artist who want to learn the three southern styles individually – Pak Mei Kung Fu, Lung Ying Kung Fu and Jow Gar Kung Fu. Sifu Andy Truong teaches them separately. A student of Wah Nam will get the benefit of learning from one or all of the systems. Sifu Andy can determine to which style a student is best suited and will continue the students progress in that system only if that is the wish of the student. The Cantonese words “WAH NAM” translate to mean Southern China, which is appropriate considering that all three styles originated from Southern China.

The “Three Masters” at Wah Nam Surry Hills school opening. Sifu Chau Phu (Pak Mei), Sifu Ly Tuong (Jow Gar), Sifu Andy Truong, Sifu Robert Chan (Lung Ying)