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Wah Nam Martial Arts 華南國術學院


Posted by Wah Nam Martial Arts 華南國術學院 on Wednesday, 14 February 2018

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Photos from Andy Truong’s post

Wah Nam Martial Arts Academy
Wah Nam Martial Arts Academy was found in 1992.
The Jow Gar Kung Fu was come from Luu Phu lineage.
Grandmaster Luu Phu (師公劉富)was the head of Jow Gar Kung Fu in Viet Nam (Saigon).
Grandmaster Luu Phu (師公劉富)was born on the sixth day of March,1910, and finally reached the age of 61 on August 24.
Grandmaster Luu Phu’s Kung Fu was learn from the unilateral alley of Dalan Street in Guangzhou, then followed by Jow Hip and Jow Bill.
In 1938, he was the first to set up the Jow Gar Ren Yi Tang. After that, Ren Sheng Tang and Ju Ying Tang Church, etc
In 1970, During the Vietnam War, He was as a national martial arts coach in Hue (越南蜆港省).
Today most of the Jow Gar Kung Fu from Viet Nam were came from his lineage.

Posted by Andy Truong on Friday, 10 November 2017